About the project

TranslatedFromRussian is a project that tells the world about Russians in different languages. Not only about the Russian-Ukrainian war, but also about their lives: what Russians write in social networks, what news and shows they watch, what conditions they live in. What they think about other people and countries. Maybe even yours.

Why we created this project

For years, foreigners have learned about Russians from the works of Pushkin and Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov. By reading them, the world believed in the Russian image created by the writers. Believed in the fairy tale that Russians were a strange, but kind, courageous and cultured Europeans.

And the world was wrong.

Russian literature turned out to be just a thin veil behind which the Russian Empire, and later the USSR and the Russian Federation, carefully hid their true face. A face smeared with the blood and tears of the occupied nations, distorted by a grimace of xenophobia, antisemitism, contempt for human life and a desire to drag all the surrounding countries into the filth of Russian reality. And then the rest of the world.

TranslatedFromRussian was created to help us look behind the false cultural facade and see Russia for what it is.

What the project focuses on

We believe that nothing can describe Russians better than what they do. That's why our project's pages mostly contain Russian soldiers' conversations intercepted in Ukraine, Russian TV shows, Russian media and social media posts. We translate all this and show it to the world. Things that used to be known only to those who understood Russian will now be known to everyone.

In the end everyone can make their own conclusions.